Saturday 23 April 2016

The first ever Spanish Language Fiesta in Melbourne- a review

The native Spanish speakers are passionate musicians, outgoing socialites, and amusing party-lovers. They are mysterious, spontaneous, loud and everything in between. The language is aesthetically beautiful, like a rapid and fluid melody without a reason to pause.

The Spanish plays the grooviest music, performs the most exotic Flamenco dance, and makes the most unbelievably delicious Chorizo. The Colombians and Venezuelans serve the best Arepas, a type of flat and round grilled patty made of maize dough covered with cheese and a baffling array of ingredients. The Valencians are the creator of the world-famous Paella, a kind of fragrant, yellowish saffron rice cooked in a variety of styles and tastes with olive oil. The Cubans take pride in their Bocadito snack, and always strike up the best conga drum rendition.

For the very first time in history, the charming red-bricked George Johnson Lane in North Melbourne gathered up all the coolest things in Spain and Latin America, and presented Melbournians with a day of joyous cultural celebration. The pleasing aroma of Spanish cuisines permeated the narrow laneway while the attendees relished their sips of classic Sangrias. Children enjoyed handcrafting their personalized rumba shakers, while the adults had fun books swapping with other like-minded Spanish readers. The little trendy laneway tucked behind the Town Hall building was bursting with lively music, and surrounded by colourful traditional costumes and decorations. 

It was an amazing free event well organized by the not-for-profit organization The Centre and its volunteers. As promised, it was a vibrant and fun-filled day for both the Spanish and non-Spanish speakers. If I may give my two cents of thought, the Spanish Language Fiesta ought to be made an annual festival, perhaps with larger number of participating stalls and wider array of great foods. After all, who doesn’t love the vivacious Spanish culture and its incredible traditional gourmets?

(Note: The first Spanish Language Fiesta was held on Saturday, 23 April 2016 from 10am to 6pm at North Melbourne)

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