Friday 18 March 2016

The almost outrageous fire display at Crown Casino

I am not sure who came out with the idea of expelling fireballs from some granite towers along the tranquil Yarra River. I am not even sure whether I should call that a splendid display of flames, or frown upon it in dismay.
The first time when I stumbled upon the fiery performance, the sudden angry roar emanated from the innocent-looking rectangular structure gave me a shock in my life.
The second time occurred when I was strolling along the beautiful Yarra River enjoying the urban starry night, when a giant scorching hot fireball leaped out from nowhere and interrupted my peaceful train of (supposedly romantic) thought, and left a heated burning sensation at the the top of my skin. The Melbourne night sky turned into a sudden surge of furious orange instantly, like a black hole being greedily swallowed up by a fearsome dragon emerged from the dungeon of granite.

The fire show received mixed reception from the Melbournians. Some see it as a marvelous view and take pride of the fact of it being the world’s largest fireball ever spewed into a night’s sky. Some call it an “abomination” and see it as a real disgrace to Melbourne for contributing to the wastage of energy and fossil fuels.

Regardless of your opinion, the fire show is here to stay, at least for some time.


Southbank, right next to Crown Casino


Every hour:
Monday to Friday, 9.00 pm to midnight;
Saturday- Sunday, 8.00 pm to midnight

Or visit the Crown Casino website for further information on display time for different seasons:

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