Saturday 26 March 2016

The Melbourne Night Network

Since the beginning of this year, Melbournians no longer need to fear about missing the last train home after a Saturday late-night Karaoke session; people no longer need to run frantically catching the last tram out to the suburb after an insane Friday night celebration in the CBD.

In other words, no more weekends’ Cinderella (with or without fancy glass slippers), and no more worry about any golden carriage turning into orange pumpkin when the clock strikes 12! 

Commencing 1 January 2016 for a 12-month trial, the Night Network is an amazing initiative by the Victorian government to ensure Melbournians get to truly enjoy the late night fun in town on a Friday and Saturday nights. The Night Network comprises all of Melbourne’s regular electric railway lines, 6 popular tram lines, 21 night bus services, and 4 regional coach services; All running continuously from Friday to Saturday nights.

Below are some facts that you might want to take note of:

1.         Night Network is not a free service

Night Network is not a free service, hence you will still need to purchase a ticket or get ready with a valid Myki card when travelling.

Having said that, the free tram zone will continue to apply. Trams within the CBD and Docklands will continue to be free all night without the need of touching on your Myki card. On the other hand, passengers travelling outside the boundaries of the Free Tram Zone will need to touch on your Myki card when boarding and alighting the tram. 

2.         6 key tram lines

Six tram routes (19, 67, 75, 86, 96, and 109) run all night on weekends at half-hour intervals, covering the CBD areas and some popular destinations such as St Kilda, North Coburg, Brunswick, Melbourne University, Richmond, Hawthorn, Fitzroy, Box Hill and Port Melbourne. Check out more about these all night tram lines from here:

3.         Safety concerns

Extra police personnel, roaming transit police and protective services officers (PSO) are deployed and stationed at various stations and on the Night Network services, in addition to the other security measures such as CCTV, emergency assistance buttons and staff presence.

But of course, never take your personal safety for granted. Always take proper precaution when travelling at night and use your common sense when it comes to safety judgment. 

4.         Train city loops will be closed

Trains on all major metropolitan lines will run all night, but not through the City Loop. Apart from the Flinders Street Station (acting as the sole entry and exit point to and from city by rail), the rest of the stations within the City Loop (Southern Cross, Flagstaff, Melbourne Central and Parliament) will be shut at about midnight as usual. For more information about the Night Train, see here:

Enjoy your great night out!

Visit the Public Transport Victoria website for more information about the Night Network:

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