Wednesday 16 March 2016

6 ways to get cheaper Hoyts movie tickets in Melbourne

A cinema movie ticket in Australia is ridiculously expensive, costing around $20 to $25 per ticket.

Being regular cinemagoers, we are always in the quest of searching for ways of getting cheaper movie tickets. Hoyts cinema at Melbourne Central is our most frequented cinema due to its strategic location in the CBD.

Here are the 6 ways to enjoy a movie in Hoyts cinema without having to pay the outrageous full price.

1.         Eat a burger at Grill’d at Melbourne Central

There is a Grill’d Burger store right next to the Hoyts cinema at Melbourne Central. Purchase any burger there, and you can purchase a movie voucher for $11.50.

A Simply Grill’d Beef Burger or a Sweet Chili Chicken Burger costs around $10. Hence, a burger and movie ticket combo will cost you around $21.50 (about the full price of a movie ticket). In other words, you are effectively getting a “free” burger meal (just ask for tap water with your meal). Quite a good deal, no? 

2.         Optus Perks

You can purchase an adult movie ticket at the price of $11 if you are an Optus customer. Hence, buying an Optus SIM card might be a good idea if you are a true movie craver.

However, there are some conditions attached to the perks. The $11 adult movie vouchers cannot be used after 5 p.m. on a Saturday, and are valid 3 months from the date of purchase. Hence, always take note of the expiry date printed on the voucher.

For more information, read here.

3.         Become a Hoyts member

Alternatively, you can sign up to be a Hoyts member for $12. You will receive a free movie ticket upon activation of your member account.

Each week, Hoyts selects a movie as Hoyts Rewards Movie of the Week, and all members get to purchase the selected movie at the price of $11. The only problem is the selected movies of the week are usually shown on some not very popular time slots (e.g. early in the morning) or only at certain Hoyts cinemas. Hence you might not get to utilize this privilege often after all!

Other perks for being a member include free popcorn and special invitations to LUX to enjoy some premium cinema experience.

4.         Look out for the “Experience More” vouchers

From time to time, there will be such vouchers slipped in with the movie tickets received over the counter. The last time we went to the cinema, we received a voucher each to purchase our next Hoyts movie ticket at $11. However, there are always restricted conditions applied: e.g. the movie ticket must be used before a certain date (usually within 1 week), or not to be used to purchase certain mega blockbuster movies.

5.         Entertainment Member

You can also subscribe to the Entertainment Book for $65. Amongst the $20,000 offers is two Hoyts vouchers of $30 for two tickets.

Read more about the Entertainment membership from here. 

6.         RACV & BUPA

Apparently, a RACV member can receive offer up to 35% on pre-purchased movie ticket, and a BUPA member can get 25% off the office box price by purchasing it online. You can check out more about the offers from their respective websites.

Do you know of any other ways of getting cheap movie ticket at Hoyts (or any other cinema)? Share with us here! 

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