Saturday 5 March 2016

Tea Leaves at Sassafras- the heaven of cute teapots

Stepping into this lovely shop in the picturesque village of Sassafras is like stumbling accidentally into a forest of fantasies and fables.

A made-in-japan mummy hen teapot watched cautiously while you tickled her guarded black and cream owl mugs playfully; the chubby frog teapot challenged you for a mischievous fight, while a disproportionately fat giraffe curiously looked on. A colourful feminine fox shyly looked away from the chaotic scene, while a quirky little bulldog stared at you innocently wondering what exactly will come next. 

From the traditional auspiciously red Chinese wedding teapot sets, to charming teapots design of Disney fairy tale stories; Simple plain colour objects, to vintage Victorian style porcelain teapots; from the dainty to the outlandish, modern to the ancient crafts, the Tea Leaves has them all.

Apart from its astonishing collection of teapots, the Tea Leaves nestled serenely in the heart of Dandenong Ranges is also a heaven for the tea connoisseurs, with over 300 varieties of fine tea to choose from. The range of tea includes the divinely Japanese green tea with flower petals, strong smoked black tea, fruit infused exotic white tea, Ceylon premium Earl Grey tea scented with natural oil, and calming herbal tea of distinctive flavour. The mixture of aromas of sweet, spicy and flowery lingers around the shop at all time.

The prices of the tea are apparently relatively cheaper than what we can usually get from the grocery stores in town. You can even replenish your tea supplies by ordering online from its website.


380 Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd, Sassafras, VIC, 3787
(Sassafras is 43 km east / or around 50 minutes to an hour drive from the Melbourne’s CBD) 

Opening Hours:
10.00am to 5.30pm
7 days a week including public holidays (closed on Christmas Day)


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