Thursday 3 March 2016

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2016

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2016 is coming back again for the 24th time!

Over hundreds of exciting events will be held all over the food-obsessed city in the next 10 spectacular days from 4 – 13 March 2016. 

If you fancy a marvelous picnic with a good film, then the Gourmet Cinema is a place to go. If you would like to enjoy a cruise along the historic streetscape, with some old-style blues music and tantalizing fine food, then boarding with the Bendigo Blue Tram would be your not-to-be-missed tour. Or what about just raise your glass and join in the Regional World’s Longest Lunches of indulgent fine dining and enticing wine? 

Many of the events require advance booking and purchase of tickets (and most of the popular ones have been sold out or selling like hot cakes at the moment).

But of course, if you would like to participate in the celebration without the need of purchasing any expensive tickets, then the free-of-charge Riverside Opening Weekend will be your best way to enjoy this lip-smacking fiesta.

The Opening Weekend will see tons of events staged along Melbourne’s Yarra River. So watch out for some great funs on 4 March (5 pm-10 pm), 5 March (12 pm – 9 pm) and 6 March (12 pm- 6 pm).

Some exciting highlights along the Yarra River this weekend:

1.              Culinary Adventures 

Enjoy a sip of the newly crafted Bavarian at the Riverside Pop Up Beer Garden, or immerse in the vibrant taste of ciders at the Riverside Quay, while stroll along the Southbank Spillway and get your bite of delicacies from the diverse-range of food trucks; or what about joining in the feast of cheese, yoghurts and ice cream at Queensbridge Square at the newly pop-up Urban Dairy? 

The Queen Victoria River Trail Market will be set up at the Arts Centre Melbourne, showcasing the popular market traders including the famous American doughnut van, award winning big pan paella by Simply Spanish and the original Chai Co. 

2.              Master Classes, Presentations & Demonstrations

You can drop by the Bohemian for an inspiring Spanish sausage making demonstration, or participate in the beer and cheese matching masterclass at the Plus 5 Bar at Southwharf. The backyard of Cider House (Riverside Quay) will be presenting masterclasses showcasing the amazing skills of dissecting the profile of a cider through appearance, aroma and taste. You could also join an exciting class of winemaking process, and get the chance to harness your grapes-crushing talent with your feet and sample the final product at the Crown Riverwalk.

Last but definitely not least, how about learning the techniques of making the world’s best pizza from the world’s best pizza makers at the Crown Live site?

3.              Events for Little Foodies

Various cheese-making workshops will be held throughout the weekend at Queensbridge Square for the little budding chefs. You could also bring your little foodies to the Batman Park and enjoy a day of fun-filled activities from dairy demonstration, educational activities and various giveaways.  

4.              Films & Performances

Grab a deck chair and enjoy some foodie films at the Federation Square, or enjoy the impressive circus performances of jugglers, clowns, fire breathers and acrobats at the Arts Centre Melbourne, while snacking on some mouth-watering old style dagwood dogs, toffee apples, creamy soda and beer. Don't miss out the chance to step into the butterfly house and have a close-up experience with the fluttering colourful creatures. 

When:  4 March (5 pm -10 pm)
 5 March (12 pm – 9 pm)
 6 March (12 pm - 6 pm)

Where:  Along Melbourne’s Yarra River

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