Monday 11 April 2016

Prahran Market- a celebration of all things gourmet

The Prahran Market is not a typical trading place for poultry and vegetable, where the highest-pitched vendor is usually the winner of the day and the most aggressive haggling skills will land you the best bargain with the least cash exchange. It is not a bazaar of confusion where miscellaneous low priced stocks and products are displayed haphazardly with no orderly sequence. It is not a usual market where visible refuse and fishy stench are inevitable characteristics. It will probably never be a convenient one-stop commodities hall for a busy housewife searching for her cheap and basic staple foods (unless she comes at the golden hour right before the market is closed on a Saturday afternoon).

No, Prahran Market is much stranger than the ordinary market. It is like a marketplace accidentally invaded the museum of art; the vendors have no choice but to comply with the aesthetic rules and artistic specifications under the roof. The key of survival is “premium”; everything must look pretty and exquisite. Appearance is an element to die for; any sub-standard looking goods will receive zero tolerance from the upper class buyers.

Prahran Market experienced the tough period during the Second World War when men in the market were conscripted into the army and ration cards were prevalent, a disastrous fire on the Boxing Day in 1950, the exciting time in the 60s when new migrants came and brought with them new ideas and rare products, and the pivotal time when the market was slowly being recognized as the pioneer hub for all food connoisseurs and amateur food lovers.

Having survived at its present location for the past 125 years, Prahran Market continues to uphold its much-revered status as a paragon of quality food. Today, it is a little treasure trove of specialty items, exotic dairy products, and other hard-to-find ingredients for gourmet chefs.

Prahran Market is the best place to get your certified organic and free-range poultries, freshly baked breads, authentic sweet Greek pastries, quality seasonal fruits and produce, local and imported specialty ingredients, and different assortment of fancy cheeses. End your trip with an award winning gelato at Fritz Gelato and enjoy the fragrance of roasted coffee beans at Market Lane Coffee.

Prahran Market is not your ordinary frantic market in town. It is a lifestyle, a therapy, and a gastronomic experience.

163 - 185 Commercial Road
Prahran, Victoria 3181


The Sandringham railway service stops at nearby Prahran railway station (around 550 metres away from the market); The 72 tram runs along Commercial Road and stops right in front of the market.

Opening Hours:

Monday closed
Tuesday 7am to 5pm
Wednesday closed
Thursday 7am to 5pm
Friday 7am to 5pm
Saturday 7am to 5pm
Sunday 10am to 3pm

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