Wednesday 22 June 2016

St Collins Lane- the glamorous new lady

She is secretive and sophisticated. She is stylish and stunning. She is St Collins Lane, the glittering socialite who just arrived at Melbourne last month, ostentatiously and in all grandeur. Adorned in her seductive Cerrone flaming red ruby bracelet with gleaming diamonds, she charms the town in her casual Sandro Paris playsuit by day, and a tightly fit suede dress from Maje by night. Slinging a Coach classic black tote over her slender shoulder, She makes heads turn when she smiles and skips gracefully in her feminine Ecco long-lace leather trainers. She is classy and elegant in her timeless TAG Heuer diamond dial watch, playful and vivacious in her Kooples tanktop, sporty and jaunty in her Birkenstock pearl white sandals. She is the latest talk in town.

Flamboyantly connecting Collins and Little Collins Street in its inimitable luxurious style, St Collins Lane is a glorious addition to the city centre, colonized by famous brands and the most upmarket tenants. It is also the lavish home to several fancy eateries- the gourmet fast food Burger Project, the champagne and high tea venue Runya’s Room, and Mexican delights Los Vida.

Even if mainstream brands and expensive price tags are not your cup of tea, St Collins Lane is still worth a visit just to have a view of that gigantic light installation glistening mysteriously in its fifty shades of green. It is a wise design playing with the refraction effect and colour illusion produced as a result of the beautiful collision between the innumerable translucent cylinders, natural rays from the glass roof, and the stardust-equivalent LED lights.

It is a bold and fascinating piece of art sitting conspicuously in a modern retail precinct, a magical touch turning a contemporary shopping place into a tropical jungle of jade and emerald. 

Another highlight of the mall is the ground floor’s ceiling that resembles a bed of velvety white rose petals in gorgeous swirls, giving the boutique arcade a soft and romantic touch.


289 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
(between Elizabeth and Swanston Street)

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