Sunday 12 June 2016

A Taste of Portugal in the market

Today, the very well celebrated Queen Victoria Market was surrounded by a thick cloud of smoke emanated from the grilling extravaganza, all done in the true Portuguese-style.  The market-goers were privileged to experience the South Americans’ passion for flavoursome barbecue, fervently roasted over hot glowing coals and charcoals with no compromise on intensity of taste. Long queues were formed at each food stalls, and happy patrons were served with generous portions of juicy meats in a variety of cuts and types, from sausages, steaks, ribs, to roasted porks with huge layers of fat.

A Taste of Portugal Festival is another beautiful annual event in Melbourne celebrating the cultural diversity of this amazing city. Organized by the Portuguese speaking communities, the festival presents a rare opportunity for the communities sharing the same language (which include Portugal, Brazil, and East Timor) to showcase their historical links and intimate cultural relationship between one another. Queen Victoria Market, being the prime weekly rendezvous location of both locals and tourists alike, is naturally the perfect venue to bring up the fun.

It was a day filled with exquisite foods, special merchandizes and exclusive stage performances not usually found in the market. It was a carnival with numerous pop-up stalls serving and showing piping hot grilled meats, sweet cakes and unique condiments, handcrafted ceramics, hand-woven items, and other Portuguese-related products and information. Lively Brazilian music was played, acoustic guitar was strummed, songs and dances were performed, and the public was immensely entertained.

How can anyone stop loving Melbourne and its colourful cultures?

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