Wednesday 4 May 2016

Markit @ Fed Square this Sunday (8 May 2016)

It was a feast of all things beautiful and unique. Cruising down the aisles of stalls and inhaling the sweetest artistic air, an unceasing wrestle began between the creative right hemisphere of the brain and its analytical left counterpart. Such was the struggle occurring twice a year when the Markit and its hundred curated designers made their presence at the Federation Square.

Think of the battle between the mysteriousness of a rock garden within a spherical glass terrarium versus the rather extravagant price that could have bought me at least three meals of beer-battered fish and chips in a city pub. The dainty white stoneware vase would have made a brilliant centerpiece in the dull living room, yet the practicality of such item and the prospect of dust accumulation in the near future made me cringed in annoyance. All girls love a distinctive piece of jewellery, and a pair of glittering ruby studs in miniature size would surely make some great but unassuming accessories for the coming winter. Yet the thought of adding an extra pair of earrings into the huge trinket collection at home made me paused in hesitation.

It was a chaotic war akin to a Game-of-Thrones scene: the fight between the indulging eyes, throbbing heart, fluttering stomach, screaming purse, calculative brain, and the practical mind. Yet we left the event each time with a contented heart, having thoroughly enjoyed viewing and admiring the originality and deftness of those delicately hand-made items produced by both emerging and established Australian designers.

The upcoming Markit on this Sunday (8 May 2016) is expected to be another grand fiesta celebrating the ingenuity of the local artists. A brief browse at the list of designers would have easily made all lovers of handcrafted arts smile in excitement. Fabric pouches in vintage design, classic boots with leather insole, ceramic stoneware painted with adorable cartoon artworks, water colour illustrations with food-inspired theme, lightweight natural linen dress, handmade infant’s shoes with soft leather lacing and padded sole, abstract landscape painting in a voluptuous of colours, tiny notebook made of recycled material and partly-cotton cover – these are just some of the many items that might make you falling in love head-to-toe this Sunday.

Date and Time:

8 May 2016, 10 am- 5pm



The Atrium and Deakin Edge Theatre, Federation Square, Melbourne

Free Admission

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