Sunday 14 May 2017

Suitcase Rummage: the vintage, handmade & uniquely secondhand

For a few times a year, a unique market place consists of vendors from all walks of life is formed at the Atrium of Federation Square. Smiling sellers carrying suitcases of all designs to the pre-arranged venue: vintage portmanteau, classic Samsonite, giant hard-shell travel luggage, iconic wheelie bags, and leather trimmed canvas trolley. When the right moment arrives, the bags are unzipped, revealing treasures and junks of all sorts.

It is a surprise party. People rummage, reach out, touch and feel the myriad of items. Second-hand clothes chaotically jumbled up in large packing spaces, inviting the general public to have a glimpse and start a bargain or a swap. Art pieces and creative handcrafts displayed beautifully, dainty hand-made jewelleries exhibited lovingly, bringing smiles to the true Zakka lovers. Unwanted branded shoes and expensive-looking camera bags spread haphazardly across the picnic rugs. Attractive price tags of $10 and $5 popping up everywhere, albeit sometimes, a good negotiation skill might get you an even better bargain for some true gems of love. 

With just $25, you can hold a stall and join in the fun as a vendor. Here, we met Taiwanese holiday visa workers trying to get rid of extra personal properties prior to a long trip home, a new mother whose baby has just outgrown those cute rompers and crocheted baby shoes, some trendy youngsters selling away their out-of-fashion accessories, and serious collectors of cultural clothes and other bric-a-brac.   

Our harvest of the day: a bright red Crumpler bag for $10 and a Korean designed wool outwear for $2.50. We left as two happy customers.

Entrance: Free of charge
Where: The Atrium, Federation Square  

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